Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Munali vs. Chelston

I would like to tell you all back home about apparent differences between the two high schools that we have taught at over these past few weeks. Munali Boys and Girls High school was made up of a bunch of rectangular structures, all connected by dirt paths, that within 20 or more students were crammed into with their faces buried into their notebooks. Not only have i never seen such dedication and such intense drive to ones education but the pride they took in their education was astounding. Chelstone was a totally different experience for me. I don't know why i thought that Chelstone was going to be exactly like Munali, because i was totally wrong. The Facilities overall were nicer and larger, but the student body had a totally different attitude about them. The Chelstone students were a lot more relaxed in class as well as out of class, unlike at Munali we were not approached as much as were were at Munali by students with tons of questions about life in the States. Please excuse my grammer mistakes its about 9:40pm and i am very tired. Although this is my first post of the trip please expect that it will not be my last.
Have a great day friends and Family back home. We all miss you very much

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