Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Birthday in Africa

I had a very unique and privileged experience to have my birthday in Africa. The eve of my birthday we had been in town where the leaders bought a huge chocolate cake which was a pleasant surprise after dinner. Then I went to sleep and woke up on one of the prettiest campsites of the whole safari. We woke up on the side of the Zambezi River. Then shortly after I woke up I was bombarded with all my friends who had made me lovely birthday cards. Ahead of us was a long drive to Mongu. On our way we stopped at a gorgeous waterfall which was a nice way to start my birthday. When we finally arrived in Mongu it turns out we were going to stay in a hotel. I had originally planned with several other ladies to not shower for the whole trip but when we were staying in a hotel I thought it was a sign that I should probably shower. First we walked around the small town on Mongu where Nick bought me a huge cream filled doughnut where I stuck in candles that my mom put in a package for me. Everyone gathered around me outside my hotel room and sang Happy Birthday to me. To cap off my birthday I had a lovely and refreshing shower. Then I went to sleep.

Love everyone back home and will probably tackle you when I see you!

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