Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today my day was a little different. In the morning I went to Birdland and played games with 6th and 7th graders. After a tea break at 10:00, we said that we wanted to sit in on a class, so a teacher threw me into a classroom and said "Teach Math". Well that would have been fine if I had some instruction, but since I had no intruction it was great! I made up questions for the kids and they solved them on some old bits of news paper. The class lasted 2 hours and afterwards I got to walk through the play yard to the lunch area. Iwas ATTACKED by children. It was adorable, they all wanted me to shake thier hand, and I started picking them up and holding them over my head and running with them. The kids loved it and I was futher swormed. It was alot like Guliver and the Lilipens. They kids managed to take me down several times, and I would stand up lifing 5 or so children up with me. After around half an hour I managed to stuggle through the children to lunch. At lunch I was the last to come so there were no chairs left which was great becasue I got to sit outside with the teachers and cooks. I talked to them and helped make some inshima which was fun. After lunch we went up to Manli where the planned lesson was to use the internet, but the power was out... yet suprisingly instead of giving up the students starting to review the stuff that we had taught them before which was great because it told us, as Melinda pointed out, that the students really wanted to be taught the computer. Luckily after around a half hour the power came back on and we were able to continue with the normal lesson. When we went back to the camp, Peter and I made cole slaw and the bar tender, at the camp, Paul, took us upon a hill to have a BBQ and to watch the stars. we made steaks and chicken and he showed us scropio, orion, and the southern cross. He also showed us how to calculate South from the cross. The bar tender also had great stories. He was a conservationist and safari guy before he become the bar tender. He called his Bush days college. Today was Great!

Also, by request I need to put up a bit about when I fixed a guys bike with Lucy's shoelace. Soooo... a few of us were running the Chalabani road back to camp and I noticed a lone boy who was walking his bike. I had had a job in a bike shop as a mechanic's apprentice the previous summer so I figured that I might be able to help the guy out. The problem was considerably more serious than I have bargined for, in fact his rear axel or hub was spinning independently from the gear like a forward freewheel. I asked for a bit of string and, the real hero of the story, lucy, promptly surrendered her shoelace on demand. I tied the shoelace through the teeth of the rear gear and around the spokes of the back wheel several times. Now, when he peddled his bike the wheel spun, and it was fixed YAY.

Cheers as they say,

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