Monday, June 30, 2008

Minister of Education and Fabric Shopping

Today we had the pleasure of meeting the Minister of Education in Zambia. First he asked our opinions on what we thought of Zambia and the effect the country has had on us. We all went around the table in the over-sized conference room. My opinion of the country thus far was that everyone in the schools we taught have such a drive to learn. If they have something within their reach they will try to achieve many things in life. I have never met so many kids who spend their free time practicing the new skills they learned. Then the Minister of Education told us his plan for all of the schools. He told us that he hoped to be able to provide a majority of the schools with the ability to access laptops as well as the internet. His hopes were quite high for the circumstances which they are in, seeing how hopeful he was created a sense of a possible achievement of attaining all of his goals. He seemed to have a reasonable plan to achieving his goals which is not saying that it would be easy. It was such a pleasure to have been able to meet him and be able to ask him questions. Then we continued onto our next part of the day the...FABRIC SHOP!
Then we continued onto Safique's Fabric Shop. Once we arrived fabric was hanging every possible point; from the ceiling and all over the walls. I immediately saw the fabric that I wanted for my clothes that our tailor Elizabeth would make. My fabric has purple and yellow X flowers all over the fabric. I decided to make pajama bottoms out of the fabric. The people throughout the fabric shop were extremely helpful in terms of telling us how much fabric we would need to make the outfits we wanted. Then we went to Birdland to meet Elizabeth who would make our clothes. As soon as we walked through the Birdland gates we were bombarded with little kids. Then we had a long line for the tailor to take our measurements as well as the piece of clothing we wanted made. I hope my pajama pants turn out well but I have faith in our tailor!

Love y'all back home!
P.S. Happy Early Birthday Padre!!!

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